Delivering the true alternative to world's one billion adult smokers


Next Vape (Technology) Co. Ltd. is a JV between Shunya Labs Pvt. Ltd., India and Salt Labs Pvt. Ltd., China. While Shunya Labs has expertise in Product Research & Development of Electronic Consumer Goods and Medical Devices, Salt Labs is an emerging player in Vaping Industry through its brand EVOVE. Next Vape is established to carry out fundamental research and development of next generation Liquid Vapor Products, in particular mouth-to-lung vaporizers. 

Our multidisciplinary, experienced and decentralised team specializes in integrating: 

  • domain expertise in Tobacco & Vaping Industry (cumulative experience - 37 years)

  • scientific exploration at research institutes and material development centres 

  • cutting-edge technology potential of Chinese manufacturing eco-system


The global Liquid Vapour Product (LVP) industry is pegged at $11.5 billion; comparatively insignificant to the $700 billion cigarette industry (2017). However, LVPs have started gaining cautiously optimistic stakeholder endorsement as a safer mode of nicotine delivery.


Though the LVP technology has constantly evolved since 2006; significant technological gaps still exist. The roots of LVP mass manufacturing are traced back to the electronics industry which, unfortunately, lacks the scientific understanding of liquid-vapour phase change, aerosol particle size distribution, biological nicotine absorption, smoker’s psychological virtues and puffing behaviour. 


At Next Vape, our design and development efforts comprehend e-liquid, device and liquid-device interaction as an integrated system. Hundreds of lab experiments and subsequent focussed group consumer interactions have provided us a profound understanding of design parameters and its impact on product performance and consumer satisfaction. Our young team dreams to advance the LVP industry to the next level and thereby, make a positive difference in the lives of world’s billion smokers.


We believe; David can beat Goliath!!!


US FDA and EU TPD are indicating a

regulatory shift towards lower nicotine levels. One of our key R&D objectives is to enhance delivery efficiency at low nicotine concentration (20 mg/ml, the EU TPD limit for consumer LVPs).

Consistent user experience is a qualifier for successful consumer brand. Our product design & development efforts are aimed at delivering consistent vapour volume, flavour perception, nicotine delivery and device functioning.

Automated assembly is an important criterion to enable mass manufacturing with consistent quality and lower costs. Our product design considers automatic manufacturability as an important guiding principle.